Experimenting with medicinal mushrooms for our own use, we recognized the untapped potential of plant & naturopathic medicine.

Drawing inspiration from Ukraine’s rich biodiversity and fertile lands, we set out on a mission to leverage the power of functional mushrooms, support local farmers in the Carpathians, and advocate for sustainable practices.

om.shroom is a Ukrainian-based company with distribution hubs in the EU (Lithuania, Poland) and the US (Washington). We specialize in harvesting and supplying high-quality, functional mushrooms that enhance both cognitive and physical performance. Our mission is to promote a culture of microdosing to achieve mental clarity and reconnect with natural remedies.

Our om.shrooms like Amanita Muscaria, Amanita Pantherina and Chaga are hand-picked by our trusted people from the eastern region of the Carpathian Mountains.

It’s an ecologically clean place in Ukraine free from industrial enterprises and chemical farming, ensuring the purity of our mushrooms.

Others, such as Lion's Mane, come from our reliable partners, who harvest wild-grown mushrooms outside Ukraine.

Since 2024, we have introduced om.touch, a wise extension to om.shroom. This new line offers natural cosmetics, essential oils, CBD products, and herbal tinctures designed to harmonize your emotional states.

Rooted in our belief in holistic healing, om.touch provides high-quality solutions for both internal and external well-being, ensuring a complete wellness experience.

We're always open to interesting and fulfilling collaborations, networking opportunities, or simply sharing thoughts. We'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to reach out.

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