Fomes Fomentarius

  • anti-bacterial, anti-diabetes, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antitumor and antioxidant activities
  • cures hemorrhoids
  • treats bladder disorders
  • treats dysmenorrhea
  • acts as a diuretic
  • acts as a laxative
is a fungus whose perennial, woody fruiting body is often shaped like a horse’s hoof, hence one of its common names, hoof fungus.
Science Backed Benefits:
Fomes fomentarius
(tinder fungus)
How to use
fomes fomentarius supplement for
blood&other liquids detoxification
om.shroom team
We sell healing mushrooms for microdosing witnessing how it influences people's lives and are happy to popularize it in the world.
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    We organized the collection of mushrooms in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains and monitor the drying and preparing process by ourselves with the production team.
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