Cordyceps militaris

is a medicinal mushroom possessing a variety of biofunctionalities.
mushroom is available as fruiting body which is the most natural and non-processed
form as well as a mushroom powder in capsules
helps to:

  • strengthen the body
  • support energetic alertness and the immune system by delivering antioxidants
  • treat sexual dysfunctions boosting strength and increasing libido
  • boosts exercise performance delivering energy to the muscles
  • decrease cholesterol levels
  • treat cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, disorders of the liver and kidney
Cordyceps militaris
How to use
cordyceps supplement for higher
physical perfomance
om.shroom team
We sell healing mushrooms for microdosing witnessing how it influences people's lives and are happy to popularize it in the world.
  • Ed
    co-founder & head of product
    We are very careful to ensure that mushrooms are of the highest quality.
    We organized the collection of mushrooms in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains and monitor the drying and preparing process by ourselves with the production team.
  • Valeriia
    co-founder & head of clients' experience
    We care about our customer's microdosing experience and always ready to provide you with all the necessary information about ordering & consuming.
  • Alex
    co-founder & head of supplies
    We've established the first branch of business in Ukraine 3 years ago and constantly develop to make our retail and bulk shipments more swift. Recently we've opened the new hub in Lithuania and the next one in USA is soon to be launched.
We accept orders for 200g or more of amanita or products in the amount of 40 euro or more.
around 7 euro for courier services is added to the order amount for delivery.

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