Mushrooms Guide

How do I store my products?

Store your products in a cool, dry place after each use to prevent moisture from getting into the product.

Is it best to take medicinal mushrooms on an empty stomach or with food?

We all respond differently to medicinal mushrooms so find the method that works best for you.

Some might find they respond better to mix it with food whereas others might respond better on an empty stomach.

Can I take all the medicinal mushrooms from my order at once?

Please consult your doctor or pharmacist on this matter or if having any health/mental issues.

Or write your question to our whatsapp or email and we will try to use all our knowledge to help you.

What is the difference between caps, capsules and powders?

All of these are the same pure mushroom without additives, the only difference is the form and method of its consumption :)

In fact inside the capsule is the cap that is grinded into the powder.

Capsules are suitable for those who do not like the taste of mushrooms or if there is no way to weigh caps. As well as for travellers.

Powders can be added to recipes or mixed in coffee, tea, or tinctures.

How can I track my order?

Please look in your order confirmation email for a link labeled "View your order" to check your order status and track your shipment.

I'm not feeling great changes, are mushrooms working?

It's important to remember that medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens, so they only produce results after a fulfilled  course. You'll start feeling subtle changes after 2 weeks of microdosing and will achieve all benefits after at least 1 month. Be patient, consistant and after that happier and healthier 🙂

Are mushrooms safe to take during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is imperative to understand that every woman responds differently to adaptogen use. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist on this matter or if having any health/mental issues.

Amanita Muscaria, and Pantherina should not be used during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

How are amanitas muscaria/pantherina prepared and dried?

Mushrooms are dehydrated in special large drying premises at a temperature of +45-50°C for 24 hours so that the bottoms of the mushroom caps remain white. After mushrooms are fermented in a cool, dark room for about a month.

Dehydration process releases ibotenic acid from the fruiting bodies and converts it into muscimol via decarboxylation, a process in which a carboxyl group is removed from a molecule. This transformation alters the psychoactive properties of the mushroom, resulting in a shift from ibotenic acid's neurotoxic and hallucinogenic effects to muscimol's sedative, calming effects.

Is Amanita legal in my country?

Overall Amanita is not illegal in most countries. If we are not sure if Amanita is legal in your country we do our research before sending our products to you. We do our best to make sure you get your product.

When was the last fly agaric mushroom picking? / Are amanitas of this year's harvest?

Yes, all our mushrooms are harvested in the 2023 season, drying date of September 2023.

What is the duration of the course for amanita muscaria?

It is best to be guided by your body's sensations. There is experience of taking 3 to 4 months without interruption. The average period is 1 to 2 months. The minimum period, we 🙂 think, is at least two weeks, otherwise, its effect will simply be unclear.

What is the difference between the effects of the Lion's Mane mycelium and the mushroom body?

Lion’s Mane mycelium has a more pronounced nootropic effect, helps to improve brain function, and helps to maintain focus better and longer.

The fruiting body of the stinkweed stimulates the immune system better and has a more beneficial effect on the digestive system, but it also works as a nootropic. Both help to reduce anxiety and stress, nerves damage & ease symptoms of depression.


Where do mushrooms come from?

All our mushrooms such as Amanita Muscaria, Pantherina, and Chaga are hand-picked by farmers from the eastern region of the Carpathian Mountains. Other mushrooms and mushroom extracts are delivered from our reliable suppliers from Japan and China.

Are your products certified?

All of our products are tested and certified by third-party laboratories and auditors. We were the first Ukrainian mushroom company to receive a certificate of conformity for Amanita Muscaria and other medicinal mushrooms FDA Certification (The Food and Drug Administration is an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services, one of the federal executive departments). The FDA ensures food safety by analysing food samples for the presence of various hazardous substances, such as pesticides, radionuclides, chemical additives, etc. In addition, the FDA monitors the accuracy of information on food labels. You may check all our certificates by the link

Do you test your products for heavy metals?

Yes.  All of our products are subject to in-house and 3rd party testing for heavy metals and other contaminants and meet and exceed industry standards. You may check the latest certificates by the link

Where are you located?

Originally we are a Ukrainian company with production capacities in the eastern region of the Carpathian Mountains and Odesa. We established the first branch of business in Ukraine 3 years ago and constantly developing to make our retail and bulk shipments more swift. In 2023 we've opened new hubs in Lithuania, Poland, and the US.

Shipment & Delivery

Do you have cash-on-delivery?

We do not offer cash-on-delivery as a payment option.

Do you deliver to Australia, Indonesia, India, and other non European countries?

We deliver our products to any city and country in the world, with the exception of Russia.

Worldwide shipments are carried out from Lithuania or Ukraine. We have already sent our products to more than 53 countries. Delivery to Australia, New Zealand, South America may take from 20 to 25 days. Delivery cost is 15 euros.

My parcel was shipped but the status has not changed for several days, what should I do?

There are two options for why the status has not changed:
- your parcel is currently in transit, i.e. it has already been shipped from the exporting country, but has not yet reached the importing country. Transit usually takes from 5 to 15 days and depends on queues at the borders, weather conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances.

- your parcel has been detained by customs authorities, in which case the status will be called this way: Located in customs or Completion of import. It is worth writing to us if your parcel is in a status related to the customs process for more than 7 days.

Where do you ship from?

Production is based in Ukraine, but we also have warehouses in Lithuania, Poland, and the US.

How long does it take to process my order from the moment of payment?

Orders are generally shipped within 3-5 business days if all items from the order are in stock. Items that are out of stock may be shipped on a first-come-serve basis once they are back in stock. Orders placed on Friday are not shipped until the following Monday or Tuesday. We observe all federal holidays.

Can I track my order?

Please check your order confirmation email which will have a link to your order’s status via the button ‘View your order’. This link will also contain the tracking link and info if your order has shipped.

How much is the shipping cost? Do you have free shipping?

Around 9 euros for courier services is added to the order amount for delivery to EU Countries. The international delivery fee is 15 euros.

Free shipping on orders totalling €150 or more.

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