Cordyceps Militaris

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- Help you feel energized and revitalized
- Better sporty performance
- Increased libido
- Support for the immune system
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How to use

lion's mane supplement for higher
cognitive perfomance


commonly usage in human research is 1-3g per day this range is not associated with side effects and has been found to have certain health benefits.


- as a supplement in form of capsules (2-4 capsules per day) or tinctures

- stepped in hot beverages

- cooked in food

suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Our customers say...

  • I've taken 30-days course of amanita microdosing in capsules recently and finally dealed with insomnia starting sleeping every night and feeling awake enough during the day. Really life-changing :))

    Highly recommend for those who have similar problems.

  • Detox with antiparasitic triad helped me cleanse the body and decrease stomach pains. Feels so good being clearer and lighter after so even want to eat less sweet or heavy food. Thank you!

  • Chocolate with amanita became my best self-treat. Amazing taste plus calming effect. Just don't take too much :)

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