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Blue Lotus

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•⁠  Gentle mood-enhancing properties
•⁠  Deepened meditation state
•⁠  Aphrodisiac
•⁠  Increased energy
•⁠  Improved motivation
•⁠  Relaxation aid

The Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea), also known as the Egyptian Lily or Blue Water Lily, is a revered aquatic plant with striking blue flowers and a rich history of use in medicinal practices. It helps to deepen meditation and connection to the body, thus many ancient cultures, including the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Buddhists, and Greeks, cherished the Blue Lotus for its deep spiritual and healing benefits.

This remarkable flower contains active substances such as aporphine and nuciferine, which provide mild psychoactive effects. Aporphine, one of the active components, acts as a dopamine receptor agonist, enhancing dopamine levels — the hormone responsible for pleasure and enjoyment. This process can improve mood, increase energy, and boost motivation.

Goes in: Dried whole blossoms.
Usage: 2 grams per 300 ml of boiling water, steeped in a thermos or boiled for 15 minutes. Consume as tea. We recommend adding a natural sweetener and/or favorite fruits for the best taste experience. Daily dosage is not determined, please be cautious as it provides mild psychoactive effects.


When incorporated into your daily routine, the nutrients from mushrooms work synergistically in your body, becoming more potent and effective with consistent, long-term use. You can also enjoy mushroom bars and beverages occasionally for a quick boost.


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    Blue Lotus
    Blue Lotus

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