A Taste of ukraine
Authentically Ukrainian Company
Experimenting with medicinal mushrooms for our own use, we recognized the untapped potential of plant & naturopathic medicine.

Inspired by Ukraine’s rich biodiversity and fertile lands, we embarked on a mission to harness the power of these mushrooms while supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable practices.
We founded Mushroom Collective LLC with the goal to establish a strong partnership with farmers in the Carpathian mountains and create a reliable supply chain for medicinal mushrooms.
After 3 years we’ve created the new beloved brand om.shroom and established two additional hubs in Lithuania and the US, making the worldwide retail and wholesale shipment more efficient.
To bring the vision to life, we established a hub for dried mushroom production in Odessa region from where the first orders were shipped. The hub featured advanced drying facilities, quality control labs, and storage spaces designed to maintain the mushrooms' optimal characteristics.

Some of our mushrooms, like Lion's mane, are also coming from our reliable partners, who harvest wild-grown mushrooms outside Ukraine.
We believe that our international trades have a positive ripple effect on the local farming communities and support Ukraine.
We aim to contribute to educating farmers about sustainable harvesting techniques, organic cultivation methods, and the importance of preserving the natural habitats of these valuable fungi.
We produce healing mushrooms for…
  • Sleep & Stress Relief
    Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina microdosing helps deal with anxiety, quick fatigue and insomnia.
  • Learning & Focus
    Lion's Mane enhances brain productivity and brings mental clarity.
  • Sport & Love
    Cordyceps works as physical booster strengthening the body for exercises and increasing libido.
  • Anti-aging & Vitality
    Chaga saturates the body with anti-oxidants and regulates immune system.
We collaborate with talented researchers, food scientists, and culinary experts who share the common passion for medicinal mushrooms, to explore new possibilities, inventing innovative forms and recipes that would capture the attention and taste buds of consumers worldwide.
We don't stop our innovative spirit and expect new product lines to be launched soon :)
om.shroom team
We sell healing mushrooms for microdosing witnessing how it influences people's lives and are happy to popularize it in the world.
  • Ed
    co-founder & head of product
    We are very careful to ensure that mushrooms are of the highest quality.
    We organized the collection of mushrooms in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains and monitor the drying and preparing process by ourselves with the production team.
  • Valeriia
    co-founder, head of marketing & clients' experience
    We care about our customer's microdosing experience and always ready to provide you with all the necessary information about ordering & consuming.
  • Alex
    co-founder & head of business development
    We've established the first branch of business in Ukraine 3 years ago and constantly develop to make our retail and bulk shipments more swift. Recently we've opened the new hubs in Lithuania, Poland and the USA.
Don't hesitate to reach out to ask any questions about our company, products, or your personal consuming experience with medicinal mushrooms.
Contact us:
+34681993168 (EU)

+12027734948 (USA)