Amanita Vegan Chocolate,
24 tiles of 0.4g fly agaric,
Stress relief & Mental clarity

A new unique product on the fly agaric market - fly agaric vegan chocolate.
Without milk, animal butter or white sugar.

Ingredients: 100% cocoa in briquettes, unrefined cocoa butter in briquettes, coconut sugar, coconut-corn cream, Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

Weight: 100g
Content: each tile weighs 4.2g with 3.8g of chocolate and 0.4g of fly agaric


Use: Daily dosage is not more than two tiles.
Production date: 09.2023
Expiration date: 12 months

Product warning
  • keep out of reach of children
  • do not use during pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • consult your doctor or pharmacist if having any health/mental issues
  • forbidden to use together with alcoholic beverages
  • do not use more than 0.5g before driving a car
In our own practice and thanks to the feedback from customers we've found a significant difference in the use of pure fly agaric and the use of fly agaric in chocolate.
Unique taste
Average sweetness is devoid of bitterness and milky taste is not pronounced. At the same time salty taste of the product is clearly noticeable. Since we do not add salt to chocolate, this effect is achieved thanks to the salt contained in the fly agaric itself.

Forms and types of chocolate
Here's what turned out to be interesting - chocolate gently and more deeply enhances the action of mushrooms providing a huge surge of strength and vitality. The action is so obvious and noticeable that we even began to jokingly call it the "electro-broom" mode. But at the same time the action of the fly agaric isn't overly exciting. On the contrary its influence on the emotional background of the human body can be defined as clear and calm.
How it's made:
For chocolate preparation 100% ground cocoa beans (in briquettes) and cocoa butter are used. To keep the recipe clean we've replaced regular granulated sugar with coconut sugar and instead of dairy ingredients we use coconut or corn cream.
Chocolate is packaged in foil and craft packaging. Without loss of appearance, taste and healing qualities product can be stored for no more than 90-120 days.

We recommend the dosage not to exceed the daily norm for more than one 1g tile.
We usually consider amanita in chocolate to be almost twice powerful as the same amount of powder or hats. Thus 2 grams of mushroom in chocolate can become a small but already tangible trip for you.
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